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You focus on getting clients, I'll focus on designing for your brand.
E-book/ work book

Do you have a great idea for an e-book to sell to your audience, or even offer to your audience for free? If you don’t want to bother creating the design and layout yourself, I can help you. Let’s get your product out to the public, the world is waiting to read it.

Starting a blog

Don’t have a blog/ brand yet, but you want to get started you’re just not sure where to start? Start here, My one hour consulting session, is more like grabbing brunch with your friends, only during which we will come up with a personalized blog plan for you to get your blog up and running.

Brand Chat

We will chat about your current designs on your website and social media and figure out if they’re effective for the audience that you’re trying to reach. We will chat about what’s working, what you can improve on and what needs to be removed from your current designs.

About me

I design. I create. I inspire. I write. I speak. I eat dark chocolate.

Candice Marie here to help you create amazing products and graphics for your brand. If you don't have a brand I can help you take the right steps to get you the blog you've always wanted. Many of you probably know me from Young Yet Wise, where I share lots of money tips. I won't be guiding you through money tips here, but I will guide you through the journey of being inspired, taking action & creating the design results you desire for your brand.

I've been designing since Myspace days, I even went to school for design and all my friends made me do their graphics for free, but no more I'm official now with my own website to prove it lol

By day I work in an ad agency, by night I help save your brand / small business from committing horrible design crimes, because no one wants to work with you if your graphics suck. Or maybe they do and I'm just biased.

That's it if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me:

Saving the world one design at a time,
Candice Marie

  • strong visual design skills
  • Typography and layout
  • Fast prototyping
  • Clear communication


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